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Water security in one of the most strategic basins supplying more than 500,000 people.

Essential for people, nature, producers and businesses, water is the common thread to promote quality of life, environmental conservation, and social and economic development. This is the proposal of the Viva Água movement created in 2019, in the region of São José dos Pinhais, in Paraná, to act in favor of water security and resilience to climate change in the springs of the Miringuava River, one of the main sources of water in Greater Curitiba (PR).

The project is based on the concept of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and aligned to the 4 pillars of the Viva Água movement: nature conservation, water security, resilience to climate change, and sustainable entrepreneurship. These are solutions that meet multiple social and environmental challenges acting to mitigate the effects of climate changes and foster biodiversity and water conservation, while encouraging the development of sustainable business and promoting human well-being.

The actions developed by this movement are directed to conservation and restoration of natural environments and to the practices of sustainable agriculture and responsible tourism.

Miringuava River

The Miringuava River basin is one of the most strategic in the region. The abstraction of water from the river is connected to the Integrated Supply System of Greater Curitiba.


around 500,000 people from Curitiba and outskirts, including industries and agricultural producers.


for sustainable entrepreneurship with a focus on agriculture and tourism.


is an important industrial center in Paraná and is part of the “green belt” that supplies Curitiba with vegetables. A total of 70% of agricultural production is concentrated in the Miringuava River basin, directly impacting the food security of 1.5 million people.

The Miringuava River basin is one of the most strategic in the region.


Providing water security in 2050 for 4 million of people in Greater Curitiba, which means the water security in the Alto Iguaçu basin guaranteed with the critical participation of Nature-based Solutions (NbS), by improving the natural infrastructure and reducing sedimentation. Participants connected by multi-actor arrangements, promoting socioeconomic development combined with increased resilience to climate change and environmental quality, sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship with positive socio-environmental impact, and biodiversity conservation.


Creating a large scale positive socio-environmental impact in the Alto Iguaçu basin to guarantee its preservation and conservation, in addition to water security, maintaining the rural vocation of the region’s springs.


Respect for the environment Engagement of rural producers Connection of actors Ethical and transparent conduct Social participation



Fostering sustainable agricultural practices and promoting agricultural production combining product quality, nature conservation, and financial sustainability.


Articulate partnerships that strengthen the movement and the regional development in economic, social and environmental aspects.


Nature restoration and conservation actions to promote water security and climate change resilience. Valuing environmental services such as pollination, carbon sequestration, and sustainable leisure activities, among others.


Strengthening local associations and/or cooperatives and promoting the local representation of rural producers and entrepreneurs.


Creating mechanisms that add value to the responsible tourism chain and strengthening local entrepreneurship to promote positive impacts for the community and for the conservation of nature biodiversity.


Promoting and implementing financial mechanisms to foster the growth and development of small businesses and local agriculture and contributing with the transformation of the environmental reality and the socioeconomic development through financial innovations.


Reduction of the average turbidity of

the Miringuava basin by 20%.

Three sustainable markets consolidated and expanded on:

the fronts of sustainable production, responsible tourism, and ecosystem services

2030 Objectives

1.5 thousand

Conservation of 1,500 hectares of natural areas through financial mechanisms.


Support for 30 businesses with positive socio-environmental impact.


Restoration of 650 hectares of strategic areas for water availability.


Support for sustainable production on 500 hectares.

“When we learned about the Viva Água Miringuava movement, it was already being structured. We noticed it would be a good opportunity to work together, bringing the climate change resilience approach to the movement. After three years of partnership, it is great to see how much the movement has grown, strengthened and improved with actions and new partners in the pursuit of water security and climate resilience in the region. Acting in a multi-actor network is a great differential.”

Luciana Alves – Technical Advisor at GIZ/ProAdapta Project

“The Miringuava River springs almost inside the Guaricana National Park. Along its 25 kilometers of riverbed, until it flows into the Iguaçu River, it integrates the Atlantic Forest in its dense form with the mixed Atlantic Forest, highlighting thousands of Araucaria trees that make up a beautiful scenery in the rural area of São José dos Pinhais. Ecotourism can be a sustainable option, generating income and quality of life for farmers and land owners.”

Marcos Rosa Filho – Founding partner of Eco Guaricana

“The Viva Água Miringuava is a collective initiative that demonstrates, in practice, the potential gain for society when representatives from different sectors work in partnership. Contributing to the conservation of water resources by approaching different lines of action expands its reachability and strengthens the importance of the necessary care so that everyone continues to have access to clean and quality water. Working together, in challenging scenarios like the ones we have witnessed recently, is the only way to achieve and share the benefits generated by a more conscious and better planned way of using natural resources. TNC works together with the movement’s partners, aiming at facilitating the integration with other initiatives like this and seeking to contribute to a better achievement of results, which have already caused great positive impact for the region.”

Marilia Borgo – TNC


Fundraising for the Viva Água movement is conducted through private, public, philanthropic and family investment strategies.
Resources and financing of the actions are administered by the Viva Água Fund, managed by Sitawi, a pioneering organization in the development of financial solutions for socio-environmental impact.

This fund allows for the centralization of resources and financing of actions in a flexible, efficient and transparent manner. Resources are used according to the planning defined by the Strategic Council and by the Programmatic Manager, aiming at its optimization according to the purpose of the movement.


Any public or private sector organization can participate in the Viva Água Miringuava movement and contribute to sustainable entrepreneurship, water security, and climate change resilience.

Forms of participation

Strategic investor: enables the movement’s actions through contributions to the Viva Água Miringuava Philanthropic Fund. This investor has the right to participate in the strategic council.

Maker: category divided into two, according to the amount contributed. The financial investment must be to the Viva Água Miringuava Fund or directly to some action of the movement. It can also be done as service provision. This participant is invited to participate in the axes of action and can be part of the movement for up to 24 months. Your logo appears in the logo list in the proportion 100% or 85%, according to the category of the financial value contributed.

Impact network: corresponds to any public or private organization that makes a financial investment in the Água Viva Miringuava Fund or in an action of the movement. This participant is invited to participate in the theme axes and can be part of the movement for up to 24 months. Your logo is included in the logo list at the Impact Network level.

Participation Form

    Participation benefits

    Strengthening actions and connections in organizations that have been working in the Miringuava River basin regarding water security and/or climate change resilience.

    Incorporating participation as an ESG strategy for the company, regardless of its acting area.

    Encouraging the community to adopt environmental restoration and natural resources conservation practices, and sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship.


    Viva Água Miringuava comes to life through the connection of different institutions and organizations that work together to create a positive impact on the environment, society, and the regional economy.

    It counts on the participation of public authorities, private initiative, rural producers, the community, cooperatives, universities, unions, business entities, and international organizations.

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