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Terms of use


a) This PLATFORM, along with all its content, is the property of the Boticário Group
Foundation for Nature Protection and is safeguarded by copyright, trademark, and other
laws in Brazil. Feel free to explore this electronic address at your convenience. You are
welcome to print and download materials for your personal, non-commercial use. Just be
sure not to remove any copyright or other rights included in the material when printing or
downloading. You acknowledge and agree not to copy, display, or transmit any material on
the electronic address through any means or on any medium. Additionally, you agree not to
modify, sell, transmit, or distribute any material from the electronic address in any manner or
by any means. This includes activities such as uploading the material or making it available
in any other environment.

b) The PLATFORM was developed and is managed by the company Boticário Group
Foundation, located at 225, Gonçalves Dias Street – Batel, Curitiba/PR – Brazil, 80240-340,
registered with the CNPJ under nº 81.915.050/0001-09 (hereinafter “Fundação Grupo


a) Access to the PLATFORM is contingent upon the user’s acceptance and compliance to
the specified Terms of Use and Regulations.

b) Access to the platform is voluntary and free of charge. By entering the PLATFORM, each
user explicitly acknowledges and agrees that they automatically accept all provisions of
these terms. Users also acknowledge that any potential future changes to the terms will be
automatically agreed upon, and claims of ignorance or lack of awareness will not be
considered valid.


a) The Boticário Group Foundation commits to maintaining the platform’s security to the best
of its ability for the user. Additionally, the company pledges to manage the User’s Personal
Data in accordance with the specifications outlined in the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy
is available on the Official Website for access at any time. If you ever have questions after
going through our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through the
Privacy Portal or directly communicate with our Data Protection Officer. The contact
information for the Data Protection Officer is accessible in our Privacy Policy.

b) If there is a breach of the PLATFORM that results in harm to the user or their devices, the
user should promptly inform the Boticário Group Foundation.

c) The content on the PLATFORM is safeguarded by intellectual property rights, including
those derived from brand protection, patents, and/or industrial designs registered in the
name of the Boticário Group Foundation. This protection extends to all rights associated with
third-party content present or previously accessible on the PLATFORM, including user- generated content (excluding registration data). Unauthorized reproduction or use of this content is prohibited without explicit authorization from the Boticário Group Foundation.

d) The Boticário Group Foundation reserves the right to remove any content it deems
inappropriate or in violation of the Terms of Use or Regulations at any time.

e) The user bears exclusive responsibility for using this electronic address. The electronic
address is provided in its current state and availability. We retain the right to limit or cease
your access to the electronic address or any of its features or components at any given time.


a) The user agrees not to use the PLATFORM for posting, making, storing, and/or

b) The user commits to using the PLATFORM for its intended purpose, as explained in this
agreement. Failure to comply may result in legal consequences, the obligation to
compensate any harmed parties, and the possibility of access being revoked.

c) The user is solely and exclusively responsible, both civilly and criminally, for the content
they publish on the PLATFORM. The Boticário Group Foundation is not liable for any
damages claimed to result from the content, opinions, and comments made by third parties.

d) The Boticário Group Foundation has the authority to prevent or restrict users from sending
content if it deems such content to be unsuitable, in violation of these terms, legal
regulations, or the rights of third parties.

e) Failure to comply with the rules outlined in these Terms of Use or engaging in illegal
activities may result in the user’s participation in the project being terminated without prior
notice. Additionally, the Boticário Group Foundation may pursue compensation for any
losses and damages incurred.

f) The Boticário Group Foundation has the right to unilaterally cancel the content insertion
tool at any time, without the necessity of providing prior notice.

g) The user bears sole and exclusive responsibility for obtaining any necessary authorization
to replicate the promotional mechanics or shared content on this PLATFORM. The Boticário
Group Foundation and the content sharer do not guarantee any success, adherence, or
profit from the creation of the shared content.

h) The user acknowledges that this electronic address displays logos and other trademarks
and service marks that belong to the Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection. The
electronic address might also comprise trademarks or service marks from third parties. All
these trademarks belong to their respective owners, and the user agrees not to use them
without obtaining prior written permission from the relevant trademark owner.

i) When you access the PLATFORM and download any content, you affirm that you own or
hold all the necessary licenses and rights to display the content. You are solely responsible
and release the Boticário Group Foundation from any liability in the event of any issues,
including but not limited to:

j) Authorize the Boticário Group Foundation, free of charge, to use your name, image, and
voice in the national and international territory to promote its brands in any media of its
choice, including but not limited to: TV, packaging, point-of-sale material, periodicals,
Internet, radio, mobile etc., for a period of two years from the start date of registration.


a) The provisions contained in these terms may be updated or modified at any time and
without prior notice. The user is responsible for reviewing them each time they log in to the

b) If the user has any uncertainties about the terms outlined in this agreement, they should
reach out to the Boticário Group Foundation for clarification.

c) Any tolerance of potential non-compliance with the rules and conditions outlined in this
Term does not imply a change in the obligations stated here, nor does it prevent or hinder
their enforceability at any time.

d) To the maximum extent allowed by applicable law, the Boticário Group Foundation for
Nature Protection or third-party content providers shall not be held responsible for any direct,
indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive, or other damages arising from your use
or inability to use this electronic address, or any other electronic address accessed through a
connection from this electronic address. This includes any actions taken or not taken in
response to email messages you send to us. These include damages for errors, omissions,
interruptions, defects, delays, computer viruses, your loss of profits, loss of data,
unauthorized access and alteration of your transmissions and data, and other tangible and
intangible losses.

a. This limitation is in effect regardless of whether damages are being claimed based on the
terms of an agreement, due to negligence, or any other legal grounds. It applies even if we
or our representatives were negligent or were aware of the potential for such damages.


a) The Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection is headquartered in Curitiba,
Paraná, Brazil, and this electronic address is operated in Brazil. These terms and conditions,
as well as the use of the electronic address by you, are governed by the laws of Brazil. You
unconditionally agree to the jurisdiction of the courts situated in Brazil for any legal action
taken to enforce these terms and conditions. We acknowledge that you may have the
capability to access this electronic address globally. However, we lack the practical means to
prevent such access. This electronic address was designed to comply with Brazilian laws.

Last update: On 09/01/2020.